Comics actually have a long history of being turned into TV shows. Among the first TV shows based on comics were animated shorts of Superman, and live-action serials featuring Captain America and Batman, all made in the 1940’s (not to mention the more well-known Batman show of the ’60s!). The first show featuring a superheroine was, of course, the Wonder Woman series of the mid ’70s. The 1990’s were a big time for animated comic book shows: among the big ones were the Batman and Superman animated series, X-Men, and Spider-Man.

Unfortunately, there were a few flops along the way. Birds of Prey (2002-03) was a series about Huntress, Oracle, and Black Canary that was cancelled after 13 episodes. Among the planned-but-never-produced were a ’90s reboot of Wonder Woman, a show based on Dick Grayson before he became the first Robin, and a Blue Beetle show. However, Smallville (2001-11), the 1960’s Batman show, and the animated Justice League (2001-06), among others, still continue to be popular with viewers. Today, shows such as Agents of Shield, Daredevil, Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl are on the air and are highly successful.

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